About Michelle T. Benigno


Michelle Benigno loves teaching. She loves teaching young ones, old ones and even in-between ones. Over 15 years ago, she began teaching science and math in middle and high school after graduating from NCSU with degrees in Science Education and Biology. She later earned a master’s degree in Educational Media from ASU. After working as an instructional coach for two high schools, she joined The Science House of NCSU and directed the Mountain Outreach Office. During this time Michelle provided professional development services from the mountains to the sea. She is on the board of the NC Science Leadership Association, President of NC Science Teacher Association, and President of Alpha Phi (a chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma: Women’s Honor Educational Organization). Currently, she is employed by Madison County Schools in K-12 Curriculum. She specializes in fun, engaging teacher professional development that refreshes participants and gives them an extra excitement to get back in the classroom and begin again.